FF2 Media is dedicated to the underrepresented voices of women directors and screenwriters in film and the broader entertainment industry. We provide reviews, features, interviews and editorials for the 21st Century reader.

Our company is a unique hub that provides insight into the connection between artists and their audiences. “Without an audience to receive a film, it can ‘die’ unless it gets proper coverage and that’s where we come in,” says Associate Lindsy Bissonette. “Whether with a review, an article, an interview, or just a promotional blurb, our job is to get the general public involved. We inform them that there are women behind the camera, and we – the women in the audience — should all be out there supporting them.”

The FF2 Media team – comprised of associates, contributors, editors, graphic artists, web techs, and interns – collaborate on daily content aimed at bringing attention to films made by women – including small “indies” and foreign language films — and thereby celebrating their accomplishments in the entertainment industry. “Our job is twofold,” adds Intern Rachel Kastner, “We amass proof of the hundreds of films that women are actually making every year: the good, the bad, the mediocre; and we connect women artists within our organization, and through our social media.”

Through outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, FF2 Media highlights not only the women who bring stories to life through film, but also female fans and critics who want to see themselves represented on screen. Our critics – of various ages, races and religions – believe that leadership and artistry are not restricted by gender. As Intern Amelie Lasker notes: “We do this with the hope that in the future, films made by women will no longer need this kind of targeted encouragement.”

Founded by husband-and-wife-team Richard Bayard Miller and Jan Lisa Huttner in 2002, FF2 Media – which began life as Films for Two: The Online Guide for Busy Couples – is now an increasingly growing force with strong social media presence and international representation. And because Jan and Rich are Jewish, the site also has specific sections devoted to Jewish culture (most especially the beloved musical Fiddler on the Roof).

The Hot Pink Pen, in conjunction with International SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now), is solely dedicated to the work of female writers and directors who premiere their films nationally on a weekly basis. Huttner is also the creative force behind WITASWAN (Woman in the Audience Supporting Women Artists Now!). As an advocate of female filmmaking, Jan writes as “Penny” on The Hot Pink Pen—a writer dedicated to the WITASWAN cause.



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    • Jane Pincus
    • January 12, 2018

    ABOUT YOUR 2015 REVIEW OF THE FILM ONE CUT, ONE LIFE: I have read many reviews of Pincus and Small’s film “One Cut, One Life,’ and Jan’s review (which was sent to me by an old friend) is one of the most insightful and compassionate. If only Ed, Lucia and I had had the wisdom back then to ask ourselves a lot of those questions, I believe that, since the two of them wanted and ‘needed’ to make the film, if their ambitions had been open to more dialogue between us, it could have been a much richer, much more honest, less narcissistic creation. It seemed that there was a lack of will, and also the sense of so little time to go. To Ed, filming, sitting alongside Lucia while she was editing, and being able to hold a camera — towards the end, he’d put a still camera on a tripod and film the sunsets — was the proof to him that he was alive. Filming in the 2000s after a hiatus of 20 years meant his re-discovery of himself as a filmmaker, and was so important to him. I gave in because I loved him and wanted what he wanted. Confusing, eh? That time period for me was not a time of his dying, but, however difficult, a time of living each moment as fully as possible,.

    1. Avatar

      Oh, Jane: My most sincere apologies for not responding sooner to your comments above. I honestly only stumbled on all this today. Given the sensitivity of the subject, I am aghast and ashamed. But I am honored by your feedback. Readers of this review (https://ff2media.azurewebsites.net/thehotpinkpen/2015/05/11/one-cut-one-life-2014-review/) can surely tell that writing it made me somewhat nuts. For the sake of future readers, I am taking the liberty of reposting these comments on the actual review page. Meanwhile, I sincerely hope the intervening years have been good to you. With respect, Jan

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