Editorial Mission

FF2 Media is the umbrella company that encompasses three online publications: The Hot Pink Pen, Second City Tzivi and the Films42 website and database.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Jan Lisa Huttner and Richard Bayard Miller, FF2 Media began as Films42,  a website created to provide an online guide for busy couples with “capsule” reviews of films they could enjoy together. As Jan expanded her outreach, Films42 began to grow into what is now FF2 Media, with the addition of Jan’s two blogs, The Hot Pink Pen and Second City Tzivi.

Jan was the voice of “Tzivi’s Spotlight” in Chicago’s JUF News for seven years and “Tzvi’s Cinema Spotlight" in JUF Online for four years. Second City Tzivi is a continuation of Jan’s work as Tzivi, a blog dedicated to reviewing Jewish film.

Jan is also the creative force behind WITASWAN (Woman in the Audience Supporting Women Artists Now!). As an advocate of female filmmaking, Jan writes as “Penny” on The Hot Pink Pen—a writer dedicated to the WITASWAN cause. The Hot Pink Pen reviews films for women made by women.

In addition to FF2 Media’s three online presences, the company delved into publishing in 2011 upon the release of its first book, Penny’s Picks: 50 Movies by Women Filmmakers (Keep an eye out for FF2 Media’s next book coming later this year!). What began fifteen years ago, as a small website born out of a couple’s love for film, has become the force that is FF2 Media.

Click HERE to read more about the design of our logo including the meaning of the three colors (pink, blue & purple) as well as the significance of the double lines.

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