SWAN Day Cinema (2012)

Of course I know it’s just a coincidence, but suddenly, in the last week of March 2012, there are multiple SWAN Day films in theaters for audiences everywhere to see.

First up is The Hunger Games, a worldwide phenomenon that opened last week with one of the highest box office revenues every amassed on first release. Judging from some of the fan sites I’ve sampled, many of the young women who went last weekend are planning to go again this weekend, so buy your tickets in advance if you’re planning to go.

Next is Mirror Mirror, a new fractured fairy tale that also focuses on a feisty heroine. And no your eyes are not deceiving you–this one actually wears a swan costume!

Finally, art house lovers in multiple metros can see Musical Chairs, a lovely riff on Dancing with the Stars.

All THREE of these films are WITASWAN films (films either written &/or directed by women filmmakers):

  • The Hunger Games screenplay was written by Suzanne Collins (based on her incredibly successful series of Young Adult novels).
  • The Mirror Mirror screenplay was written by Melisa Wallack
  • Musical Chairs was directed by Susan Seidelman (best-known for her much-loved film Desperately Seeking Susan.)

So choose one this weekend & go!

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Julia Lasker
As an associate for FF2 Media, Julia writes reviews and features for films made by women. She is currently a senior at Barnard College studying Psychology. Outside of FF2, her interests include acting, creative writing, thrift shopping, crafting, and making and eating baked goods. Julia has been at FF2 for almost 4 years, and loves the company and its mission dearly.
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