Managing Editor

Managing Editor

Brigid K. Presecky began to craft her writing skills at a young age, serving as Chief Editor of Providence Catholic High School's newspaper and becoming an active member of Goodman Theatre’s Cindy Bandle Young Critics Program and Youth Arts Council.

In 2008, Brigid began her internship with FF2 Media and upon her 2010 high school graduation, was promoted to Multimedia Editor. Brigid attended Bradley University with a concentrated major in Communications - Television Arts, while simultaneously working for the Public Relations Office, Transfer Student Council and the Chicago-based Allied Integrated Marketing firm.

In conjunction with the University of Texas at Los Angeles, Brigid spent her final semester in Los Angeles, balancing class work while fulfilling her duties as a Domestic Publicity Intern at Warner Bros. Entertainment Group and Creative Development Intern at M-3 Creative. During this time, Brigid had a continued presence at FF2 Media.

In May of 2014, Brigid received a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Magna Cum Laude, in Communications - Television Arts.  After graduating, she moved back home to Chicago, where she continued work for FF2 Media as an Associate Editor.

After a year and a half, she packed her bags and headed back to Los Angeles for an internship at Warner Bros. Entertainment/Berlanti Productions. Brigid now serves as Managing Editor, supervising senior contributors, writing film reviews and conducting website management. She continues to lend her writing skills daily, as a prominent member of the FF2 Media team.

Top Photo: Brigid K. Presecky in Los Angeles, California in April 2014.

Bottom Photo: Brigid visits Avalon, Catalina Island in March 2016.