Oscar '17: The Viola Davis Brouhaha

Oscar '17: The Viola Davis Brouhaha

Jan Lisa Huttner weighs in on the 2017 Oscars' biggest brouhaha: Why was Viola Davis nominated for Best Supporting Actress rather than Best Actress?

A few years back, Viola Davis was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her performance as "Abileen" in The Help, but the Oscar that year went to Meryl Streep for her performance in The Iron Lady. This was an egregious error, and a moment of shame for all people of conscience.

On Sunday, she received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance as "Rose" in Fences. This win was totally and triumphantly appropriate. And yet some people (mostly guys) are complaining, saying it was not only fraud but "obvious fraud."

This stance is preposterous, and it also demonstrates an enormous lack of respect for a truly phenomenal woman. Does it not occur to any of these people (mostly men) that Viola Davis knows more about the world than they do?!? Viola Davis made this decision herself (to be placed in contention for BSA not BA) because she knows who she is -- she knows who she is in herself, she knows who she is in the world, and she knows who the character of Rose is in this film.

So please stop tarnishing this triumphant moment for her. Viola Davis is a marvel both in herself and in the world, and her performance as Rose is beyond perfect. So if you won't do the homework yourself, then at least listen to her and show some respect!!!