Intern Amelie Lasker

Intern Amelie Lasker

As an intern, I have been contributing weekly reviews to FF2’s site The Hot Pink Pen since early 2016. I love being able to support female artists in such a consistent way, and it’s an endless treat to get to watch and write about movies for my job.

I attend Columbia University, where I study English and history. While at Columbia, I’ve written plays and had readings for Columbia’s student-written theatre company Nomads, edited the blog for Columbia’s film journal Double Exposure, and worked on film crews and participated in workshops at Columbia University Film Productions. I spent this past year abroad at Cambridge University, where I got to experience their strange and special tutorial system and Cambridge’s many opportunities for student playwrights to see their work produced. I had more than a few chances to explore the UK, too.

Some favorite reviews for The Hot Pink Pen are Sweet BeanThe Little PrinceL'Attesa, I Don't Belong Anywhereand two films with a focus on poet Elizabeth Bishop.

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Featured Photo: In Cambridge, Summer 2017.

Bottom Photo: In Paris, Spring 2017.