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Amelie Lasker joined FF2 Media in early 2016 after graduating from Columbia University where she studied English and history. She has written plays and had readings for Columbia’s student-written theatre company Nomads, edited the blog for Columbia’s film journal Double Exposure, and worked on film crews and participated in workshops at Columbia University Film Productions. She spent junior year abroad at Cambridge University, where she had many opportunities for student playwrights to see their work produced. 

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Amelie’s SWAN Day 2020: Dance

The actress playing the movie’s protagonist, Neve Campbell, contributed to the story writing herself, collaborating with screenwriter Barbara Turner.


Amelie’s Athena 2020

The Athena Festival each year feels a bit like an FF2 reunion, or a milestone. And this festival celebrates the kinds of stories that we wish could be told more, and nothing but those stories. It reminds us what we’re working toward.


Women’s History Month: Andrea Arnold

Andrea Arnold is a British director, screenwriter, and actress. She won an Oscar in 2005 for her short film “Wasp,” about a young single mother, their family’s lifestyle, and her brushes with romance and human connection.


Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Carol Dysinger talks women-supported communities and the making of her career

Since filmmaker Carol Dysinger found out that her documentary short was nominated for an Oscar last week, she’s been flown all over the country for press and screenings. For her short, “Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl),” Dysinger spent time with Skateistan School House and Skate Park. Here, in Kabul, Afghanistan, […]


By independent filmmakers, for lovers of independent film (or really, film in general): Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema

Beginning last weekend and closing this Sunday, August 12, Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema is in its second year and growing. With screenings and events in Forest Hills, Queens and its nearby neighborhoods, this is an event rooted in community.


A ‘Dark Money’ Q&A: What would a groundswell look like?

Dark Money is more like an intellectual alarm bell. This movie is meant to elicit a tangible response. At the Q&A afterward, John Adams, the investigative journalist featured in the film, said he would like it to result in a “groundswell.”