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8th International SWAN Day

Today is the 8th annual International SWAN Day! Perhaps you have already planned something to do this weekend to Support Women Artists Now. If not there is still time! There are several new films written &/or directed by women filmmakers at art houses and multiplexes. Perhaps there are exhibits at local museums and art galleries. […]


New York SWAN Project (ESVB)

AAUW’s Empire State Virtual Branch (NY) kicked off its new SWAN Project at a program at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale. Special guests included Enid Zentelis, who screened her film Bottled Up and then lead a Q&A session, and Ellen Tejle, creator of Sweden’s A-Rating campaign.


WITASWAN 10th Anniversary

August 16, 2014: 10th Anniversary Celebration of the WITASWAN Project at the CineMark in Evanston, Illinois (preceded by a brunch at Bravo Restaurant) Jan Lisa Huttner: Wow, it is so great to see so many old—and new—faces here today! Now I know that I’m big and loud and I make a lot of fuss, but […]



What is WITASWAN? WITASWAN (“wit-uh-swan”) is an Internet initiative, a grass roots movement, a cause—not an organization. It is an informal alliance of women who use their power as consumers to increase opportunities for women artists. There are no dues, no meetings or committees, and no specific fundraising drives. As the creative force behind the WITASWAN […]


NYWIFT Celebrates SWAN Day

Huge thanks to Terry Lawler & the NYWIFT Team for another fabulous SWAN Day celebration (the 7th for NYWIFT & the 2nd one for me since my move to Brooklyn in 2012). This year’s film, The Supreme Price, is a riveting new documentary by Joanna Lipper. The Supreme Price follows the life of Hafsat Abiola. Hafsat Abiola is […]



This year, I celebrated my first International SWAN Day as a resident of Brooklyn with NYWIFT (New York Women in Film & Television). Turns out NYWIFT has been celebrating International SWAN Day every year–from the beginning–but of course I didn’t know that because I was–d’uh–celebrating with folks in Chicago! Anyway, huge thanks to Terry Lawler […]