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Alison Klayman Documents Disturbing World of Steve Bannon in ‘The Brink’

In our current political climate, Steve Bannon has become a symbol of the conservative party. Since become a major player in Donald Trump’s presidential win and political strategist in the White House (until his public leave), he’s become a spokesperson for an ideology he defines as populism … and taken the message to global stages. […]


Michal Aviad Exposes Sexual Harassment in ‘Working Woman’

Michal Aviad has been focusing on spotlighting women’s issues in contemporary society since the beginning of her career in the 1980s. She graduated from Tel Aviv University and San Francisco State University and eventually returned to Israel to teach at Tel Aviv University. Since beginning her career as a writer and director, she has produced […]


Nancy Schwartzman Exposes a Bubble of Privilege in ‘Roll Red Roll’

The rape and assault of a teenage girl by member of a Steubenville, Ohio football team made national headlines after the events were exposed via social media. While the public outcry led to a criminal trial and opened a conversation of teenage sexual assault, it also exposed the role privilege has when it comes to […]


‘I’m Not Here’ Director Michelle Schumacher Defines Own Success

Broadway actress Michelle Schumacher’s been busy building her multi-hyphenated resume. Starting her career on the stage as an actress-dancer-singer, she began perusing filmmaking after marrying and starting a family with fellow actor J.K. Simmons. She studied writing, editing, producing, and directing at UCLA, and now has a second feature film in release, I’m Not Here. […]


Judith Godrèche tackles stereotypes by re-writing the script

Judith Godrèche has appeared in more than 30 films since beginning her acting career at just 14 in France. Along with her many roles in French films, she became familiar to American audiences in the film The Man in the Iron Mask, Stoker and The Overnight. But since 2010, she’s started focusing on opportunities behind the […]


Mandie Fletcher’s ‘Patrick’ offers a classic story of a girl and her dog

Fans of British television comedy no doubt knows the name Mandie Fletcher, or at least a lot of her work. From directing episodes of Black-Adder, Desmond, and Hamish MacBeth, she’s been directing for television for over 25 years. However, it was her work on Absolutely Fabulous that led her first film, the follow up feature […]