Nicole Ackman is an FF2 Media Associate based in North Carolina, after living in London and New York. She graduated from Elon University with a Bachelors degree in History and Strategic Communication and from City University of London with a Masters degree in Culture, Policy, and Management. She is a theatre and film critic and is a member of the North Carolina Film Critics Association. Her taste in film tends towards period dramas, movie musicals, and anything starring Saoirse Ronan. In addition to film, she is passionate about history, theatre, Disney parks, and classic novels by female writers.

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Dawn Porters’ films document important social issues and the heroes trying to fix them

Porter directs documentaries that illuminate issues facing the United States and the heroic individuals who fight against them.


Congressman John Lewis’s story should be in classrooms and in our memories

This doc is perfect viewing for this Fourth of July weekend to remind ourselves as we celebrate America of the injustices that men like Lewis have fought to overcome and those that still persist today. 


Gideon’s Army, then and now

It sheds light on not just these the people who end up (rightfully or wrongfully) accused of crimes, but also the people who are tasked with defending them who often go unthought of. 


Amma Asante uses her films to shed light on little-known history

Amma Asante is a British director, writer, and actress who is known for her films that shed light on little-known history.


Ten female composers who are writing great film scores

Composing film scores is a field within the movie industry that is still overwhelmingly monopolized by men. A study published last year found that of the 100 top-grossing movies of the last twelve years, only 1.4% had a score composed by a woman. And yet, there are female composers: a handful who have been steadily […]


Patricia Rozema cannot be defined by one genre

As part of our Celebration Series, FF2 Media pays tribute to the work of female filmmakers. Be sure to click on the film titles for full reviews & see where you can stream on Patricia Rozema has dabbled in different genres across her career, refusing to become defined by any one type of film. […]