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Danish director Pernille Fischer talks inspiration behind ‘Becoming Astrid’

Swedish author Astrid Lindgren is mostly remembered for Pippi Longstocking and Karlsson-on-the-Roof book series. Her numerous titles have been translated into 85 languages and published in more than 100 countries. Now, everyone will have a chance to see what teenage Astrid’s life was before she became this literary giant – Becoming Astrid opened November 23 in LA and NY. The film was directed by female writer-director Pernille Fischer Christensen.


Alicia Malone’s ‘The Female Gaze’ highlights essential movies from female filmmakers

Film reporter and author Alicia Malone highlights 52 female-directed films in her new book, “The Female Gaze.” She argues that the male lens and perspective is objectifying women in film rather than showing women as they are.


Historic SWAN Day brings women and organizers together at Statera Conference

For the first time, the SWAN torch was passed on to StateraArts who will continue the movement under their umbrella. Many of the original SWAN organizers were there to witness this historical event – Christine Young from University of San Francisco, Sophie Doolan from Kenya, Jennifer Hill from Connecticut, Vanessa Gondron from Prague, and many others.


Future bright for International ‘Support Women Artists Now’ Day

The historic International SWAN Day gathering took place in Milwaukee at the Statera Arts Conference (Oct. 4-7) where women from all over the world met to discuss the future of SWAN Day and witness “the swan” being passed on to Statera Arts (read more here).


Historic International SWAN Day gathering to be held at Statera Conference

WomenArts will sponsor a gathering of SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now Day) organizers as part of the Statera Foundation’s Third National Conference for women in theatre  on Thursday, October 4 in Milwaukee. As part of the three-day conference, the historic gathering will transition SWAN Day from WomenArts to the Statera Foundation.


Lack of female film critics inspiration behind International SWAN Day

The creative force behind that movement was Jan Lisa Huttner whose goal was to increase the power for women in movies and theater, and help them get their voices heard.