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Kathleen Collins’s Film and Fiction Are Still Delightfully Fresh

Even in her fiction, Collins was thinking about the art of point of view and its role in film.


A Dream-Like Lesbian Drama Airing at Midnight September 1 on TCM: Jacqueline Audry’s ‘Olivia’

Olivia is a particularly beautiful watch. Within lavish costumes, bedrooms, and ballrooms, the story is surprisingly intimate.


‘La Cienaga’ is a Meditation on Dissipated Wealth

La Cienaga (2001) is Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel’s debut; subtitled in Spanish, it is the story of an extended family sniping and worrying about minutiae while the larger problem of their country’s economic stagnation looms. Like most bourgeoisie, this family is unwilling to admit either their shallowness and spend most of their lives avoiding it. Unfortunately, the film is so good at making us hate these characters that it isn’t gratifying. (GPG: 3/5).


‘The Vow From Hiroshima’ Shares a Global Story from the First Person

The horrors of Hiroshima come to life from the first person in eyewitness testimony from a survivor, along with the discoveries of a filmmaker trying to uncover her family’s history with the disaster. Mitchie Takeuchi goes on a journey with us in this documentary, while forging a strong bond with international nuclear disarmament activist and […]


Fleabag’s last song (for now) in ‘National Theatre Live: Fleabag’

Fleabag is a raunchy, quirky, and sometimes completely heartbreaking meditation on the trials and tribulations of mid-twenties womanhood.


19May31: The FF2 Week in Review by Jan Lisa Huttner

From Jan Lisa Huttner (Editor-in-Chief of FF2 Media)
Six films written &/or directed by women filmmakers opened in Manhattan theaters this week:

Always Be My Maybe
Free Trip to Egypt
Renegade Dreamers
The Spy Behind Home Plate
Too Late …