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2 Weeks on Troll Patrol

Confessions of a Sub Admin by Dani d’Arge A few weeks ago, I had another sleepless night. Imagine that, a 54 year old widow, alone in her country home, not getting a wink – too hot, too worried about the election, with a cat trying to sleep in her face. As if writing research reports about […]


Two Roads Diverge…

I joined the Chicago Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in 1983. That was one year after I married Richard (on 6/27/82), and part of the emotional process of relinquishing my hopes for an academic career. I didn’t know where the future would lead, I only knew that although I would probably […]


HRC ’92

In November 1992–right before the election of William Jefferson Clinton–Richard & I were invited to a rally at Navy Pier in Chicago… It was called “Cook County Young Democrats Welcome Hillary & Tipper” (or something like that)… So I sent in our reservation forms, and sometime that morning, I bought myself one of those big […]