9/16/08: UC Mag Posts Huttner Profile!

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From Sept/Oct Table of Contents

     “If you saw Sex and the City this summer, you were supporting more than the popular HBO franchise about four powerful
New York City women. According to Jan Lisa Huttner, AM’80, the film’s box-office gross—$150 million as of the end of July—affirms that movies marketed primarily to females can succeed, a fact that
Hollywood has been slow to realize. In 2007 only five of the 50 top-grossing films were about or starred women in strong roles…”

Click here to read Ruth Kott’s complete article online.

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    • Diane in DC
    • September 17, 2008

    Very nice article, Jan. Congratulations!

    • Agnes Hamos
    • September 17, 2008

    Great article. You are doing a great service to all of us who receive your recommendations.

    Thank you.

    • Fran in Florida
    • September 17, 2008

    What a great article!! Can’t wait to share it with . . . the immediate universe!!

    • Mary Lou Edwards
    • September 19, 2008

    You are the best at representing WITASWAN and all that it means. We will never give up!

    Keep shining!
    Mary Lou

    • jan
    • September 20, 2008

    Posted for AWJ member Maria Traska with her permission:

    Kudos to you, Jan. Also glad to discover that I’m not the only one who hated JUNO — fake, fake, fake. And of course, women who write op-ed are no better off, as I have cause to know. But we stubborn gals keep mouthing off regardless … and it’s such a good campaign year for that, too.


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    independent journalist, policy analyst & blogger
    e-mail: mrtraska@juno.com
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