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New YENTL DVD Coming in Feb!!!

     Last year, when lyricists Alan & Marilyn Bergman came to the 2007 Chicago Humanities Festival, they told me plans were underway for a new DVD version of Yentl—a special 25th anniversary release.  Since that time I’ve checked Amazon faithfully … Continue reading

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Love her or hate her, it’s time to acknowledge Barbra Streisand’s YENTL as a triumph of personal film-making. Why doesn’t Mandy Patinkin sing? Because all the songs are soliloquies – a passionate inner voice yearning for self-expression. Message to Barbra: … Continue reading

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Wonderful premise poorly executed. Even tho he died in 2008, Don Lafontaine--the man who made the words "In a world..." resonate in a gazillion movie trailers--remains the king of Voice Overs. Film is about the guys competing to replace him … Continue reading

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"Julie Keller" (Jennifer Westfeldt) & "Jason Fryman" (Adam Scott) have been friends for years. They live in the same trendy Manhattan condo building, they have well-paying if ill-defined jobs, and they enjoy socializing with the same group of buddies. But their … Continue reading

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Who’s Penny?

Jan Lisa Huttner, an award-winning film critic and feminist activist, began using the name “Penny” as a non de plume after she organized the original WITASWAN project in 2004. WITASWAN (Women in the Audience Supporting Women Artists Now) soon lead … Continue reading


DVD Recommendations for SWAN Day

There is no reason NOT to celebrate the second International SWAN Day this weekend!!! If you can't find any local events that suit you & you can't find a local screening of SUNSHINE CLEANING nearby, then rent or buy one of … Continue reading

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CHF: Alan & Marilyn Bergman Visit Chicago

     “An Evening with Alan and Marilyn Bergman” at this year’s Chicago Humanities Festival was a total delight. Award-winning lyricists, the Bergmans received their first Oscar for writing “The Windmills of Your Mind” (from the 1968 version of The Thomas … Continue reading

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