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THEIR FINEST (2016): Review by Brigid Presecky

Screenwriter Gaby Chiappe adapts Lissa Evans novel Their Finest Hour and a Half into the finest hour and a half of cinema so far this year. A period piece in 1940s London, a romantic dramedy with an underlying feminist message … Continue reading

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CARRIE PILBY (2016): Review by Brigid Presecky

Based on Caren Lissner’s best-selling novel, Carrie Pilby stars Bel Powley as a 19-year-old with a brilliant mind, muddled dreams and lack of social skills. When her therapist suggests she make a friend or go on a date, Carrie sets … Continue reading

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FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET (2016): Review by Brigid Presecky

Writer Catherine Blackman teams up with Jonathan Jordaan and director Alastair Orr for an average horror film, perfectly crafted for pre-teen moviegoers. Carlyn Burchell stars as the leader of a criminal pack set out for revenge and ransom money. Although … Continue reading

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THE LAST LAUGH (2016): Review by Brigid

Ferne Pearlstein’s spectacular documentary puts a spotlight on the humor in times of tragedy, specifically the Holocaust. Is it okay to laugh? Is it okay to find the light in the darkness, all these years later? The Last Laugh uses … Continue reading

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1 NIGHT (2016): Review by Brigid

Writer/Director Minhal Baig tests the boundaries of time in a reflective drama about young love, fading love and one eventful night at a Los Angeles hotel. Anna Camp and Justin Chatwin star as a married couple who are reminded, by … Continue reading

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When widow Stella Davis is left with a sea of debt, she enlists the help of convicts to rehabilitate a herd of wild horses and bring life back to her ranch. Sharon Stone stars as the greedy activist opposite Dorian … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Morris and her co-writers create a futuristic nightmare in Let’s Be Evil, a desperate attempt at an allegorical warning to today’s technology obsessed-society. (GEP: 2.5/5) Review by Social Media Manager Georgiana E. Presecky Kids have smartphones now. Said smartphones … Continue reading

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Underworld: Blood Wars

Fans of the genre and franchise are more likely to enjoy Director Anna Foerster’s Underworld: Blood Wars than the average moviegoer (who may otherwise flock to the 2017 Oscar contenders). Kate Beckinsale stars as “Selene,” a blood-sucking death dealer in … Continue reading

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During the 1990s, Dr. Robert Anda and Dr. Vincent Felitti discovered the connection between emotional childhood trauma and physical health risks. While not well received at the time, by some, it intrigued and informed the masses. Their  research study, the … Continue reading

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From the brilliant minds of writer/director Kamala Lopez and co-screenwriter Gini Sikes, Equal Means Equal exposes the American government for the not-so-subtle misogyny that hides within its legislation. Policy jargon is broken down into simple facts as Lopez navigates and … Continue reading

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