Film Review: OR (MON TRESOR)

Heart-breaking film stars an Israeli teenager (Ivgy) in a symbiotic relationship with her mother, a depressed prostitute. Or (Hebrew for “Treasure”) is desperate to help her mother (Elkabetz) escape from “the oldest profession,” but Ruthie’s trajectory is too strong, & eventually overwhelms Or’s best intentions. Stunning debut by director Yedaya.  More on OR.


Warm-hearted, family-friendly RomCom Americanizes beloved German indie MOSTLY MARTHA. Source focuses mostly on “Martha,” but here Breslin steals the show as orphaned niece Zoe, while Clarkson adds a soupçon of skinny-chic menace as restaurateur “Paula.” Philip Glass score supplemented by Italian arias (!) plus tracks from Mark Isham soundtracks (?). More on NO RESERVATIONS.