Warm-hearted, family-friendly RomCom Americanizes beloved German indie MOSTLY MARTHA. Source focuses mostly on “Martha,” but here Breslin steals the show as orphaned niece Zoe, while Clarkson adds a soupçon of skinny-chic menace as restaurateur “Paula.” Philip Glass score supplemented by Italian arias (!) plus tracks from Mark Isham soundtracks (?). More on NO RESERVATIONS.

Film Review: NATHALIE

Humiliated by her husband’s infidelities, a woman hires a prostitute to seduce/torment him. What begins with exploitation quickly becomes symbiotic as the two women become more interested in each other than in him. Intense, erotic psychodrama. Ardant’s icy cold, Beart’s burning hot, & Depardieu’s baffled by both of them. More on NATHALIE.

Film Review: NASHVILLE

Altman’s Personal Best--with an excellent screenplay by Joan Tewkesbury--is set midway between Nixon’s resignation & the Bicentennial 4th. Like Prospero, Altman marshals disparate forces into a tornado coiling ever tighter towards an inescapably violent conclusion. The huge cast is enormously rich, showing increasing depth with each successive viewing. Nevertheless, FF2 specifically applauds Ronee Blakely as…



Fantasy and reality collide when Annie, a working class girl fresh out of college (Scarlett Johansson), starts working as a nanny for the upscale Mrs. X (Laura Linney). Many critics are comparing The Nanny Diaries to The Devil Wears Prada which featured another spirited young woman making her way in New York’s upper ranks. The Hot…