Film Review: DEEP WATER

Superlative doc artfully combines archival footage with personal reminiscences, capturing specific time & place (post-Imperial Brittan) full of contemporary resonance. Seven sailors set out in 1967 to circumnavigate the globe single-handedly with no stops. See it on the big screen & you’ll feel surrounded yourself by waves & endless sky. More on DEEP WATER.

Film Review: THE DEAD GIRL

Splendid ensemble cast conveys shock waves emanating from horrific murder, deeply affecting women who never knew “Krista” (Collette discovers body, medical examiner Byrne processes it) as well as most intimate mourners (mother Harden & best friend Washington). Brittany Murphy’s heart-breaking as “Krista,” ditto Hurt as the wife of the perp. More on THE DEAD GIRL.

Film Review: THE COMPANY

On first viewing, the rehearsal scenes in this film about Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet are fascinating & the actual performance scenes are breathtaking. But see it again to appreciate how screenwriter Barbara Turner has cued up one of Altman’s most evocative microworlds, an exquisite auditory/visual tableau comparable to McCABE & NASHVILLE. More on THE COMPANY.