Film Review: FIRE

New bride (Das) enters household already containing husband’s aged mother, elder brother & wife (Kharbanda+Azmi), & longtime servant (Chowdhry). Both arranged marriages are fragile, & the sisters-in-law turn to each other for ever-deepening, eventually-sexual companionship. Closely-observed exploration of "ordinary" middle-class Indian women confronting tension between traditional expectations & contemporary options. More on FIRE.

Film Review: DIGGERS

DIGGERS 2006 Lovely little film set at the end of the Bicentennial (1976) as the Ford Administration gave way to Jimmy Carter. Four buddies now in their 30s struggle to get serious about their diminished prospects as a large corporation threatens their livelihood. Nothing new here, just very well-done, affectionate, & thought-provoking. More on DIGGERS.