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Despite Clear Feminist Intentions, “Mafia Mamma” Never Quite Gels

“Watching women take on a male dominated genre is greatly satisfying, but, unfortunately, the script itself is one hundred percent Hollywood formula.

Guest Post by Angela Stern

Toni Collette can do anything. If that wasn’t official before, it certainly is now with the release of the new Cornerstone Film’s comedy Mafia more.


New ‘Twilight’ Book Raises Questions about Male Gaze, Women’s Fiction

Best-selling author Stephanie Meyer recently announced the August release of the latest addition to her beloved Twilight saga. Midnight Sun is the fifth official Twilight novel, a re-telling of the first book from the perspective of vampire Edward Cullen. The original series was told almost entirely from Bella Swan’s point of view, examining the female side of the fated love story between a teenage human and a centuries-old undead vampire. read more.

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‘To All the Boys’ sequel continues love triangle trend

Angel or Spike? Jess or Logan? Dawson or Pacey? The love triangle trope that made the WB network famous in the late 1990s is alive and well on Netflix – specifically in the smash hit To All the Boys franchise, adapted from Jenny Han’s best-selling novels. 

Long-awaited sequel To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You was released more.

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Watch at Home: ‘At the Heart of Gold’ & More from Female Filmmakers

FF2 Media’s new “Watch at Home” columns list the new films written and/or directed by women filmmakers that are newly available each week on DVD, Video On Demand &/or streaming services.

Here are the new films written and/or directed by women filmmakers now available at home as of 5/3/2019 (with links to FF2 Media reviews posted the week of their theatrical release):

  • Bardo Blues – Martha Kimpton (co-director/co-writer)
  • Knock Down the House – Rachel Lears
  • Miss Bala – Catherine Hardwicke (director)
  • Tell it to the Bees – Annabel Jankel (director), Henrietta Ashworth and Jessica Ashworth (co-writers)


This week’s selection is At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal. … read more.


‘We are a mighty tribe’: Female directors make up ‘Half the Picture’

Amy Adrion’s Half the Picture is an informative, eye-opening documentary about the startling gender imbalance that exists among film and television directors.
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Amy Adrion gives voice to women behind the camera in ‘Half the Picture’

Amy Adrion graduated from UCLA’s MFA directing program and received awards from the Directors Guild of America as a student filmmaker. Yet, she and many other women were struggling for opportunities to land directing jobs. So she turned her camera on female directors who had come before her to tell their stories of success and struggle in Half the Picture.