FF2 Media is an all-female team of film critics who review every film written or directed by a woman with a United States theatrical release. The films are there, what’s missing is the audience!

At FF2 Media, we represent the receiving end of the art being created – the proverbial handshake between the artist and the audience.

Unlike Rotten Tomatoes, comprised of only 17 percent women, we provide reviews, features, interviews and editorials supporting the work of women filmmakers.

“I believe art is a dyadic process – a ‘handshake’ between an artist & an audience. Without audience participation, an artist gets neither emotional nor financial compensation (both of which are essential) and, even worse, she gets no feedback in the moment. Without women artists, women in the audience have no one who speaks to their deep identity as women. The sound of ‘one hand clapping’ is silence.” – FF2 Media Editor-in-Chief Jan Lisa Huttner.

Our team – comprised of associates, contributors, editors, graphic artists, web techs, and interns – collaborate on daily content aimed at bringing attention to films made by women – including small “indies” and foreign language films — and thereby celebrating their accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

Through social media, FF2 Media highlights not only the women who bring stories to life through film, but also female fans and critics who want to see themselves represented on screen. Our critics – of various ages, races and religions – believe that leadership and artistry are not restricted by gender.

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