FWA Releases New SWAN DAY Logo

The Fund for Women Artists began circulating its new Support Women Artists Now Day (aka SWAN Day) logo today, along with expanded SWAN Day tool kits & back-up documentation. SWAN Day is a new international holiday that celebrates women artists.  It is intended to be an annual event taking place on the last Saturday of March (Women’s History Month). The first International SWAN Day is scheduled for Saturday, March 29, 2008.

Women are creating some of the most exciting & challenging art in the world today, & yet, despite great strides in other fields & a few highly visible success stories, women continue to face enormous employment discrimination in the arts & media.

Since our initial announcement went out in September, we’ve heard from women in England, Germany, Kenya, Scotland, & Zambia, as well as 15 American cities, so we now know for sure that women all around the world will be celebrating the first International SWAN Day on March 29th.  Exciting plans are underway in Chicago (home of the WITASWAN initiative) & will be announced shortly.

So put a note in your own calendar today

& ask yourself what YOU plan to do

to celebrate the first International SWAN Day

on March 29, 2008?!?!?

© FF2 Media (12/3/07)

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