4th Annual WITASWAN Program in Chicago


Reservation Form for SATURDAY (3/29/08)

Reservation Form for SUNDAY (3/30/08)

     Under the banner of WITASWAN, six Illinois-based women’s organizations are co-sponsoring two screenings of Israeli Director Adi Refaeli’s award-winning film EMPATHY during Women’s History Month.

The first screening is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, March 29th in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.  The second screening is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, March 30th in Highland Park.

The Saturday screening coincides with the first celebration of International SWAN Day, a collaboration between WITASWAN and the Fund for Women Artists.

WITASWAN (“wit-uh-swan”) is an Illinois-based initiative sponsored by AAUW-Illinois.  Local collaborators have included AWJ (Assoc for Women Journalists), CAWHC (Chicago Area Women’s History Council), IWA (International Women Associates), IWPA (Illinois Woman’s Press Assoc), WIF/C (Women in Film/Chicago), & WIDC (Women in the Director’s Chair).  In honor of Adi’s visit, two Jewish women’s organizations (Hadassah Chicago Chapter & ORT America: Metropolitan Chicago Region) have joined this year’s list of co-sponsors.  The acronym WITASWAN stands for Women in the Audience Supporting Women Artists Now!

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