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     Have YOU ever wondered how WITASWAN began?  As my message spreads, more & more people are asking me how this all began, so here’s my answer.  Those of you who’ve heard me speak know that my memory of this day (Sunday June 2, 2002) is extremely detailed & specific.  My life changed that day: like the Disney cartoons where the light suddenly goes on or the apple bounces down on Newton’s head & goes “plunk,”  I read Dana Kennedy’s article, I fixated on the quotes from Martha Lauzen, & lifetime of feminist activism began to coalesce into a single point of focus.

Luckily for me, I had a dynamite group of women who responded with dedication & enthusiam.  The members of AAUW-Illinois created an incubator for WITASWAN, & the infant they nurtured is fast becoming a cause heard ’round the world!

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Jan Lisa Huttner is a Brooklyn-based arts critic & feminist activist. She is the creative force behind the SWAN Movement—Support Women Artists Now—which has just begun its third phase as International SWANs® (aka iSWANs). In the Jewish world, Jan is best known as the author of two books on Fiddler on the Roof—Tevye’s Daughters and Diamond Fiddler—both of which flow from a strongly feminist POV. She also served as both story consultant and “talking head” on the award-winning documentary Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles.
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