Worldwide SWAN Day 2012 Celebrations

eBlast from Martha Richards:

Happy SWAN Day 2012!

Thanks so much to all of you who are participating in the Fifth International SWAN Day. Whether you are organizing an event, attending an event, spreading the word, or giving a gift to your favorite woman artist, you are part of a growing world-wide movement. (See this year’s list of events below.)

There are SWAN 2012 events all over the U.S. and in places as far flung as Bulgaria, Spain, Kenya, and Canada. Women are gathering to bring harmony to the world through music, to build movements where we all can dance, to share pictures that open people’s eyes, and to tell stories that heal their hearts.

As women and as artists, we take this troubled world in our hands and work to make it better. When we celebrate SWAN Day, we can feel the power of our joy, our commitment, and our immense collective creativity.

Thanks to all of you for your perseverance in these challenging times. Whether your celebration is large or small today, I hope that on SWAN Day you will feel the energy of women artists and allies all over the world who are cheering for you to reach your full potential.


Martha Richards

Executive Director


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