FF2 Contributors (2013)

Contributor Lesley Coffin is Editor-in-Chief of the online film journal Movies, Film, Cinema and host of the Chicago Industry Podcast From Lakeshore Drive to Hollywood. A writer with a masters degree from NYU’s Gallatin School in biographical studies and star theory. She wrote the biography on Lew Ayres (Lew Ayres: Hollywood’s Conscientious Objector) and Hitchcock’s Casting (Hitchcock’s Stars).

Lesley currently freelances for a number of sites, including regular features and interviews for The Interrobang and The Young Folks, and previously worked as the film critic for The Mary Sue and features editor of Filmoria.

Contributor Nora Lee Mandel [http://MavensNest.net/movies.html] is a member of New York Film Critics Online and Alliance of Women Film Journalists; her reviews are counted in Rotten Tomatoes’ TomatoMeter [http://www.rottentomatoes.com/critic/nora-lee-mandel/].  She reviews films and television in Film Festival Traveler, Film-Forward, Lilith, and NH Jewish Film Festival’s Film Buzz.  Her ongoing Critical Guide to Jewish Women in Movies and TV [http://MavensNest.net/Lilith.html] has been the basis for talks to audiences in New York and New Jersey, and Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival.  @NLM_MavensNest

Contributor Stephanie A. Taylor is a Chicago blogger and consultant. She has written for several local publications and, has also written on topics such as women’s issues, health and domestic violence. Her blog is called satwrites and can be found on her site,satwrites.wix.com/satwrites. Follow Stephanie on Twitter @satwrites

Contributor Lisa Iannucci has been writing about film and entertainment for years. She has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and is currently working on a film and travel book, The Film/TV Lover’s Travel Guide to be published in 2018. She is also working on a sports lover’s travel guide as well as book lovers and music lovers.  [Not pictured]

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