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Anna Muylaert is a Brazilian screenwriter and director of television and film. After studying filmmaking at the School of Communications and Arts at the University of Sao Paulo in the mid 1980s, she worked as an editor, reporter and eventual scriptwriter for TV Cultura.

She has directed six short films, including the 1995 award-winning A Origem dos Bebês Segundo Kiki Cavalcanti, and her 2002 feature film, Durval Discos, for which she won Best Director at the Festival de Gramado. It also won Best Film.

Muylaert went on to make É Proibido Fumar and her directorial debut, Chamada a Corbar. In 2015, her film The Second Mother  was entered at the Sundance Film Festival and the Berlinale film festival, where it won the Audience Award. Her newest film, Don’t Call Me Son, premiered at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival in 2016.

Excerpt of FF2 Media review of The Second Mother from August 27, 2015:

Written and directed by Anna Muylaert, The Second Mother follows Val, a live-in housekeeper who is like a mother to the son of the family she works for, but has been estranged from her own daughter for years. Muylaert delivers a subtle yet beautiful dramatic film about family and second chances.

The Second Mother is a beautiful film that captures the importance of family—blood related or not—and the beauty of second chances. Anna Muylaert, who both wrote and directed the film, has surely done her job. The Second Mother has already won five awards, including the Special Jury Prize and Grand Jury prize for World Cinema-Dramatic film at this year’s Sundance film festival.

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