FYC ’17: Amelie Lasker

FF2 Intern Amelie Lasker asks you to consider these seven films by women writers &/or directors (from the full list of films released in NYC theatres in 2016). Note that this list was created in November & will be updated after December 31, 2016.

My Favorite Feature Films of 2016 (2)

My Favorite Documentary Films of 2016 (2)

My Favorite Foreign Language Films of 2016 (3)

Photo: Manon and Pierre look at some of their documentary footage.

Photo Credits: Guy Ferrandis

Tags: Amelie Lasker, American Honey, Andrea Arnold, Arlette Langmann, Caroline Deruas-Garrel, FF2 Media, Here Come the Videofreex, Ilaria Macchia, In the Shadow of Women, Jenny Raskin, Johanna Schwartz, L'Attesa, Mia Madre, Naomi Kawase, Sweet Bean, They Will Have to Kill Us First, Valia Santella

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