Intern Katharine Cutler

Since joining the FF2 team in January of 2018, I have found this inspiring group of women to be the perfect environment for becoming a dedicated, female filmmaker.

I am a film major at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. As a female filmmaker, I have found that most female filmmakers are overlooked or skimmed over while their male counterparts can have entire classes dedicated to their ‘greatness.’ I am so glad to be a part of this team because it gives me the opportunity to submerge myself in the world of female filmmaking.

My voice, as a woman, is extremely important to me. I find that I need to be stronger, more dedicated, and more outspoken than my male counterparts and I take those challenges in stride. In my filmmaking, I hope to expose and highlight the stories that are inherently female in a world where male stories are prioritized.

Along with my internship, I am involved with issues on my campus: as a representative for my department on a school-wide council, as a representative for my residence hall on an advisory council, and as a member on the upperclassmen residence hall council. I also work for my school’s athletic center filming and editing home sports events. I have the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Cuba during my spring break to learn about the complex film history and the culture.

Becoming an intern at FF2 is a dream come true and I can’t wait to support more female artists through my work here.

Top Photo: Katharine at the Malibu Pier in her home state of California.
Middle Photo: Katharine waiting for the subway. (The subway photo)
Bottom Photo: Katharine enjoying the snow in Chicago.
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Cutler/Lily Spear
Tags: FF2 Media

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