Read, Watch, Listen: Celebrating SWAN Day in 2017

To celebrate the 10th Annual International SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day on Saturday, March 25, 2017, the FF2 Media team is highlighting their favorite female artists.The holiday, also observed throughout the months of March and April, highlights the creative feats of female artists and their audiences.

Associate Lindsy M. Bissonnette

I will be celebrating the 10th International SWAN Day by scrolling through Alex Guarnaschelli’s Instagram and marveling at all the delicious food she posts. I’ll also be reading “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson and FaceTiming with my favorite female artists to talk about past shows and future projects! AND!!!! Hopefully going out with the gal pals to celebrate women in the arts.

It’s so important to acknowledge them (us). When I first started working for FF2, I had no idea how underrepresented women were in film, but had experienced it time and time again in the theatre industry. Working alongside these amazing women each week has been a wonderful experience. Let’s keep supporting women in the arts by going to their films, their shows, following them on social media and helping their/our voices be heard. Happy SWAN Day! 😀

Intern Peier Shen

This upcoming SWAN Day is going to be a lot of FUN: I will be finishing Charlotte Brontë’s “Villette” and reading Judith Butler’s “Giving an Account of Oneself” as an accompaniment. It is prime time to revisit and to marvel at a woman’s expression of her consciousness; and in the case of Ms. Brontë and Ms. Butler, their absolute brilliance. Then I will be watching Look at Me (Comme Une Image 2004), directed by writer/director/actress Agnès Jaoui.

In fact, she plays the part “Sylvia” in this film, and her writing (an ingenious collaboration with Jean-Pierre Bacri) was also awarded at Cannes for best screenplay. The movie revolves around “Lolita” (Marilou Berry), who has a wonderful voice but low self-esteem, and the story unfolds to explore celebrity and self image. All in all, a treat to look forward to!

Associate Giorgi Plys-Garzotto

While I can’t be at the official festivities for SWAN day, I will be spending the evening with a group of queer artists who I love being with, many of whom are women and femmes. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate SWAN day from the comfort of your Spotify, Netflix, or what-have-you, here are some recommendations:

My friend Deirdre’s band Virginia WoofRachel Brown’s new single from their project “Water From Your Eyes“! They’re a nonbinary musician and filmmaker, and their song “Cold Stare” has been one of my favorite songs of 2017! And watch my friend Arthur’s queer vegan webseries, starring Slater G. String, an equally queer and vegan performer and cook! The show is called “Slater G. String’s Kitchen,” and you can watch the pilot here.

And donate to their patreon here:

We encourage you to celebrate the female artists that have impacted your own life and connect with, appreciate and honor their creative endeavors. To learn more about how you can participate in SWAN Day, visit:

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