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Showing our love for “Beauty and the Beast”

Women’s History Month is packed with activities for members of the FF2 Media Team. But as we all ran from film to film at various festivals and special screenings (not to mention celebrating the 10th International SWAN Day on Saturday March 25th), most of us found time to sneak into a local multiplex for a […]


In “Pendular,” two artists share one space for both living and working

From the New Directors/New Films (2017) Website: A male sculptor and a female dancer live and work together in their big, barren loft, a mere strip of orange tape serving as the boundary between his atelier and her studio. Here, the stage is set for a low-key psychosexual drama centered around the couple’s erotic, artistic, and everyday […]


Three Canadian Women struggle with multiple ‘Boundaries’ in mythical Besco

From the New Directors/New Films (2017) Website: Chloé Robichaud’s sophomore feature centers on three women trying to square their political careers with complicated personal lives. Besco, a fictitious island country off the eastern coast of Canada, possesses vast natural resources that foreign companies would love to tap into, which occasions negotiations between Besco’s president (Macha […]