In “Pendular,” two artists share one space for both living and working

From the New Directors/New Films (2017) Website:

A male sculptor and a female dancer live and work together in their big, barren loft, a mere strip of orange tape serving as the boundary between his atelier and her studio. Here, the stage is set for a low-key psychosexual drama centered around the couple’s erotic, artistic, and everyday rituals. This absorbingly intimate third feature by Julia Murat (her second, Found Memories, was a ND/NF 2012 selection) is a moving portrait of a couple caught between rivalry and the desire to build a future with each other.


Rating from FF2 Associate Eti Or: 5/5

“Pendular” is first and foremost a love story about two artists sharing one space in an abandoned factory for both living and working. There isn’t a lot of talking, but everything between these two is so physical that we can feel what the characters are experiencing with their every move. Their intimacy touches the soul through the body. The physical connection is hypnotizing; sex scenes are not only full of lust and excitement, but also expose raw emotions. What a work of art! © Eti Or (3/27/17) FF2 Media

Still photos found online. Go to IMDb’s page for Pendular for additional information about the cast and crew.

Photo Below: Filmmaker Julia Murat does a brief introduction to Pendular at the Walter Reade Theatre on March 26th. Note chairs all set-up for the post-screening Q&A. (Photo Credit: Eti Or)

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