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Jenny Gage avoids teen stereotypes in ‘All This Panic’

Q&A with Jenny Gage, Director of All This Panic Q: How did the film come about? [My husband and I] have always been in narrative film, at a time when narrative was implied when paired with still photography. We knew we didn’t want to plan the film. Ginger and Dusty were so full of chatter, […]


‘Cézanne’ director calls out ‘strong, new generation’ of female filmmakers

Hosted by the Gene Siskel Film Center, the month-long Chicago European Union Film Festival (CEUFF) featured 15 films directed by women (15 out of 62 = ~ 25% = a record high for this event). Danièle Thompson, French director of Cézanne and I (Cézanne et Moi), recently sat down with FF2 Media Senior Contributor Stephanie A. Taylor […]