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My name is Eti Or, born 1986 in Jerusalem, Israel. I studied Visual Communication in college and a huge film fan. I write reviews for FF2 Media and represent the team at local film festivals. I want to enhance women’s voices everywhere, and especially in art.

Art, in any form, is a way to rebel and change people’s views. Films are changing history today as they show stronger women, give us more screen time and show other women and girls that we, more than half the world’s population, have a voice and it is being heard.

I want to help this change. Emphasize it, celebrate it and be a part of it.

Growing up, I had books to learn from. My world was full of strong female characters like Jo (“Little Women”), Pollyanna, Princess Eilonwy (“The Chronicles of Prydain”) and many more. However, these characters never came from the movies. When I was a girl, it was Disney’s Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast and others. Those movies didn’t have a heroine, and gave little screen time to any female character. If a film had a woman in it, she was belittled and never empowered. However I do remember Mulan, Matilda and a few other movies in which a girl was the main character. They were my favorites, probably because I could relate.

I want young girls to be able to find themselves in movies they watch. I want them to be empowered by a heroine their color, ethnicity and sex. We, as women and adults, should do everything in our power to make sure it happens. We need to vote with our feet, go watch the right films and thus create the demand for more of the same.

I was raised by a feminist. It was pretty uncommon in my surrounding area at the time. It was a religious neighborhood in Jerusalem and most families were very conservative.

My mother chose my school by the same principles and paid good money for me to study in the best one. It was a religious, girls-only school, but also groundbreaking in many ways. We were brought up to know we were strong, independent women.

In my family, boys and girls were equal, and if ever happened to be otherwise, I could express it and change the situation right away. I have been very lucky, I know.

I wish the same for girls today. I want young women to know their value and walk the earth with pride and a strong inner voice. I want us to be heard and expressed. We have so much to say.

Posts include: ”

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