Intern Roza Melkumyan

As an intern at FF2 Media, I watch newly-released films written and/or directed by women, and give my take through weekly reviews. As a senior at NYU, I am earning my degree at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, which has given me the unique opportunity to create my own concentration: “Understanding & Misunderstanding in Narrative.” With this individualized curriculum, I focus on how a myriad of narratives can reveal different perspectives, especially pertaining tothose with mental illness and those who live in differing cultures.

Through media, including film, television, theatre, and literature, I hope to bring more awareness and understanding to the varying perspectives that exist between different cultural backgrounds and schools of thought, to help people better understand others. 

In addition to my class exploits, I’ve had so many other great experiences throughout my time at NYU, my favorite being my job as a Resident Assistant. To be able to make the lives of other students better is a gift. Though I grew up outside Philadelphia, PA, I currently call New York City and the friends I’ve made here my home. With a love for travel, I hope to move back to London soon, where I left a piece of my heart during my time studying abroad. I also love to sing, read, write, craft, and above all, learn. If I had all the money in the world, I’d probably start by getting ten degrees in all kinds of subjects, continuously learning something new and broadening my knowledge. For now, though, I’m very lucky to be in school and doing things that I love. (Oh, and I’m also lucky to live in a city where there is so much amazing FOOD.)

Being a part of the FF2 team is incredibly important to me as better representation is paramount. Even today, there is a huge lack of female representation in the film industry. As a result, there are so many strong voices that haven’t been heard/don’t get to be heard. At FF2 Media, we bring attention to the female writers and directors out there, and work to connect audiences to these filmmakers, effectively bringing more visibility to women in the industry.

Posts include film reviews of: From the Land of the Moon, Landline, The Wrong Light and Inconceivable.

© Roza Melkumyan (7/19/2017) FF2 Media

Top Photo: At the top of the hill in Greenwich, London, with friends

Bottom Photo: Me and my RA family at the end of the spring semester Junior year.

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