Associate Dayna Hagewood

Associate Dayna Hagewood

Associate Dayna Hagewood graduated from Rutgers University in 2019 with a degree in English and Cinema Studies and a certificate in Creative Writing. She graduated with Honors and completed a creative writing thesis entitled "The Many Sounds of Dis(Content)" that was awarded a Henry Rutgers Scholar Award.

As a writer and self-proclaimed cinephile, she believes that writing and filmmaking are incredibly closely related, and she is interested in the intersection between the two mediums. Her favorite films and books are those that leave a lasting emotional impact, long after the credits have rolled or the pages have turned.

Dayna has been working with FF2 Media since 2018 and loves that she has been given the opportunity to harmonize film and writing. FF2 Media allows Dayna to participate in what she is passionate about and showcase women artists doing amazing work. As a female artist herself, Dayna appreciates that FF2 carves out a space in an industry so unwilling to lend one to marginalized groups. Dayna hopes that she can aid in creating and facilitating that necessary space for those that have been ignored in the past.

In addition to her work with FF2, Dayna also currently works as a Marketing Assistant at Princeton University Press. In her spare time, she writes her own poetry and lyric essays, paying specific attention to the grammatical and sentence level means by which one can articulate thoughts. She also spends time hosting and organizing local music events in the New Jersey community. She enjoys collecting Pokémon memorabilia, going to the food store, and hedgehogs.

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Featured Photo: Dayna at Och's Orchard in Warwick, New York.
Top Photo: Dayna in Sausalito, California.
Middle Photo: Dayna celebrating her birthday on a swing.
Bottom Photo: Dayna eating a slice of bread with her best friends.