The Barn: FF2 Intern Rachel Kastner’s Family Documentary

As an FF2 Media intern, I contribute weekly reviews for The Hot Pink Pen Blog, occasional filmmaker Q+A’s, and run our Instagram account (@ff2media).  I’m a 21-year old filmmaker and student from New York. I grew up in New York, attended the Ramaz Upper School, and  currently I am a rising junior at Barnard College, Columbia University’s women’s college, where I study Political Science and Film. I speak fluent Hebrew and Spanish, and I’m currently learning Arabic as my interests (both in Polisci and Film) have focus in the Middle East!

I’ve been producing film and theater since I was 14. At age 16, I co-founded a production company, BASED ON TRUTH, LLC, with a good friend and filmmaking partner. Together we have made short films and commercials. Most recently, we worked on Famous Last Words, a film by Miranda Hoyt Disick, producer by Emily Carmichael. I’m also assisting on The Kindergarten Teacher.

I am currently finishing my first feature documentary, The Barn, which I’m producing with Matthew Hiltzik and Nancy Spielberg through Based on Truth. In the film, she reunites her 82-year-old grandfather with the woman who saved him during the Holocaust. The film is currently in post-production. I’ve been committed to telling the stories of the Holocaust through art and public speaking from a young age. My Jewish identity, and my identity as the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, is a vital part of me.

When I’m not on set, you can find me planning my next adventure. I am an avid traveler. I love meeting people from all over the world. This has largely contributed to the kinds of films I am attracted to. In my reviews, you’ll likely find many international films and documentaries. I also love adventurous, creative indie pictures like Beasts of the Southern Wild, Donald Cried, and Little Pink House. I aspire to continue producing meaningful narrative and documentary films in the future.

Posts include film reviews of Lost in Paris, Churchill, All this Panic and Heal the Living.

© Rachel Kastner (7/20/2017) FF2 Media

Headshot by Jeffrey Hornstein


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