Women Make Movies nominated for News Documentary Emmy Awards

Congratulations to Women Make Movies’ Distribution and Production Assistance Program films nominated for the 38th Annual News Documentary Emmy Awards!

Director Beth Murphy’s What Tomorrow Brings, a story about the first girls’ school in a small Afghan village, is nominated for Outstanding Current Affairs Documentary.

Directors Hemal Trivedi and Mohammed Naqvi’s Among the Believers is nominated for Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary, a film highlighting the religious and political upheaval of the Red Mosque in Pakistan. The filmmakers follow Ghazi as he freely express his ideas and reflection on that terrorizing day, educating the viewers on events they may have otherwise overlooked on the 24-hour news cycle. This documentation of extremism in Pakistan is enlightening, particularly for viewers with background knowledge of the its history. Read FF2 Media’s full review here.

Wilhemina’s War from Director June Cross is also nominated for Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary. She follows the rising trend of HIV-positive women in the South and their lack of access to quality health care.

Directors Sabrina Schmidt Gordon, Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater’s Baddddd Sonia Sanchez is nominated for Outstanding Arts & Culture Documentary. The film focuses on the life and work of the 81-year-old African-American poet. Sonia Sanchez, regarded as “a lion in literature’s forest,” is not only an esteemed poet, but also an unapologetic activist for civil rights, black empowerment, women’s liberation, and world peace. The filmmakers make use of Sanchez’s own passion for music and spoken word to unfold an intimate documentary, inviting the audience to understand the deep humanity the poet holds for the world. Read FF2 Media’s full review here.

Read the full list of Annual News Documentary Emmy Award nominees.

Photo: Sonia Sancehz performs at “Sonia Sanchez Tribute” event in Philadelphia in 2011.

Photo Credits: California Newsreel

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