AFI honors the incomparable Diane Keaton

Jan Here. Honestly, I turned on AFI’s tribute to the incomparable Diane Keaton last night as “filler” between the end of the PBS News Hour & the beginning of The Rachel Maddow Show, but I ended up watching the entire tribute.

I have always loved Diane Keaton in her dramatic roles as well as her comedic ones. She stars in 3 of my all-time favorite films (Annie Hall, Godfather #2 & Reds) & as I watched her male co-stars in each come to the podium to sing her praises (Yup! Even Woody is there… in person!), her greatness actually eclipsed theirs. Add in that most of the personal tributes were from women (Kudrow, McAdams, Streep, Stone, Witherspoon) & it becomes clear what a truly extraordinary impact Diane Keaton has made in the course of her extraordinary — & unusually long — career.

So watch for yourself. Unlike most “tribute” shows, this one really is Highly Recommended!!!

© Jan Lisa Huttner (8/1/17) FF2 Media

Photo Credits: AFI Gallery = American Film Institute

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