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Marilyn Ness focuses on making a difference in ‘Charm City’

Documentarian Marilyn Ness is arguably best known for her work as a producer for films such as Cameraperson, Trapped, 1971 and E-team. Many of her films have focused on how some of societies darkest times (trap abortion laws, government corruption, and international human rights violations) have also brought led to heroes willing to fight the good […]


‘That Way Madness Lies’ a devastating, necessary story of family and mental illness

Sandra Luckow has been a working documentarian for more than two decades. Although she’s occasionally included herself in her work, such as the feature Belly Talkers about ventriloquists (one of her other skills). But her new film That Way Madness Lies, is her most personal and painfully revealing film, documenting her brother’s descent due to […]


Queer Your Queue: Lesbian period pieces to watch after ‘The Favourite’

Our readers may have seen that I had a lot of thoughts about The Favourite and its use of queer characters in a period piece. My main point in that article was that the stories we tell influence our internal realities, which then affects how we interact with our external realities. While simply watching “woke” […]


‘The Favourite’ Queers The Past And The Present

I’m currently on a mission to get every queer person I know to see The Favourite. You could say it’s my “Favourite” movie of 2018, and since I’m writing this in late December you can really tell I’ve seen everything the year has to offer and chosen this decadent lesbian sweetmeat of a film out […]


Christina Hodson’s ‘Bumblebee’ tackles Transformers franchise with heart and humor

Hodson is one of the women in the genre on the rise in the industry, landing on the Blacklist three times before being tapped for Bumblebee. We’ll next see her name in the DC Universe with Birds of Prey (the Harley Quinn film starring Margot Robbie) and Batgirl. She’ll also be living out a childhood dream: working on an original script with Spielberg.


Watch at Home: ‘All About Nina’ & more from female filmmakers

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nina Geld in All About Nina.

FF2 Media’s new “Watch at Home” columns list the new films written and/or directed by women filmmakers that are newly available each week on DVD, Video On Demand &/or streaming services.