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Writers Guild nominations quadruple for women

In 2017, Allison Schroeder, nominated in the Best Adapted Screenplay category for Hidden Figures, was the stand alone woman  nominated for film writing last year. The 2018 Writers Guild Awards nominations, however, include a dramatic increase in female representation.


Contributing Editor Katusha Jin

My name is Katusha and I write features and reviews for FF2 Media. I find it important to contribute to FF2 Media because I am a believer of its cause: lending a voice to overlooked female filmmakers. As a female filmmaker myself, I can certainly see the need for more women role models in the […]


Hashtag campaign celebrates women, minorities

The new hashtag campaign – #GoldenRobes – has been created to celebrate the achievements of women and minority directors overlooked by Golden Globes voters (the Hollywood Foreign Press Association).