WomenArts partners with Statera Foundation for SWAN Day

The Statera Foundation is joining forces with WomenArts to organize the 11th Annual International SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now Day) celebrated on March 31, 2018. The foundation, which expands employment opportunities for theatre artists who identify as women, is collaborating with WomenArts to celebrate the international holiday designed to showcase women’s creativity.

Aiming to make International SWAN day bigger and better since its 2007 creation, WomenArts Executive Director Martha Richards is working with Statera’s Creative Director Sarah Greenman on new web content and social media strategies to bring the celebration into its second decade.

The Statera Foundation’s core values of empowering women artists line up with the goals of International SWAN Day, having launched gender equity training programs for theatres and schools and a mentorship program for women; they have also hosted two national conferences (and a third planned for October 4 – 7, 2018 in Milwaukee, WI) for professional networking, socializing and actively creating gender balance in American theatre.

Since International SWAN Day’s launch, thousands of events have been held in at least 36 countries (including a celebration in Nairobi, Kenya with more than 700 people in attendance). The holiday encourages women to celebrate, appreciate and honor fellow women in their creative endeavors. It serves as a call to action to connect with artists, via participation in their work or a direct connection via phone call, email or social media outreach.

Originating in Chicago, SWAN Day began as a way to connect women artists and women audience members; a collaboration between Richards and WITASWAN (Women in the Audience Supporting Women Artists Now) founder Jan Lisa Huttner. “On SWAN Day we celebrate our global unity and also the unique individual voices of the women artists next door,” said Richards. “There are thousands of talented women artists all over the world who are making wonderful contributions to their communities year after year. SWAN Day is a day to recognize and thank these women.”

Visit WomenArts’ List of SWAN Day 2017 Events or browse through the descriptions of SWAN events in the WomenArts Blog to get a sample of their range and find out how you can participate in SWAN Day events (or create your own): https://www.womenarts.org/swan/swan2/participate/

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Photo: From left to right: Shellly Gaza, WomenArts Executive Director Martha Richards, Melinda Pfundstein Vaugn, and Sarah Greenman.

Photo credit: Malloree D. Hill

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