‘I Tita, A Life of Tango’ director screens film at Chicago Latino Film Festival

Director Teresa Costantini at the Q&A at AMC River East (4/8/18)
Photo Credit: Brigid K. Presecky

Writer/director María Teresa Costantini screened her film I Tita, A Life of Tango (YO SOY ASÍ, TITA DE BUENOS AIRES) on April 8th as part of the 34th Chicago Latino Film Festival,.

As International SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day celebrated its 11th anniversary on Saturday, March 31, 2018, FF2 Media is proud to support the mission of highlighting the creative endeavors of female film writers and directors.

A Life of Tango is the biopic showing the passionate and colorful life of tango singer Tita Merello. [From CLFF]: Born in the slums of Buenos Aires, Tita began singing rancheras, milongas and tangos at a young age out of necessity. She appeared in more than 40 films and befriended the likes of singer Carlos Gardel, actor/singer Hugo del Carril and Eva Perón. But her one true love was the great actor Luis Sandrini with whom she lived a torrid affair.

At the film’s Q&A, after the conclusion of the film, Costantini answered questions about the time it took to make the film (11 weeks to film, but six years overall), the real life Tita (who lived to be 98) and the artistic choice of being sensual without showing nudity. Answering a question on how she portrayed men in a dark light, Costantini said, “I don’t think they’re all so dark, but Luis Sandrini in this case was that kind of man as far as I know. That kind of dark man in terms of being unfaithful and doing whatever they wanted. I think there was a lot of impunity at that time. Women were more submissive, but Tita wasn’t, in a way.”

After its October premiere in Argentina, I Tita has screened in New York, Miami and Chicago. Costantini is screenwriter, director and actress from Argentina. In 2000, she directed, acted in and wrote the script for Acrobacias del Corazón working with actors Gabriel Goity, Alejandro Awada, Virginia Innocenti and Cecilia Dopazo. Costantini wrote and directed Felicitas in 2009, a film set in Buenos Aires during the 19th century and based on the story of Felicitas Guerrero de Alzaga (with actors Sabrina Garciarena, Gonzalo Heredia, Alejandro Awada and Luis Brandoni). To read more about María Teresa Costantini, click HERE

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Photos: María Teresa Costantini and Mercedes Funes in Yo soy así, Tita de Buenos Aires (2017)

Photo Credit: Buenos Aires Producciones S.A.

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