Comment on ‘The Rise of Eve’ is a deeply moving cri de coeur by Reverend David W Singleton

The Rise Of Eve
On the surface appears to be an unsufisticated unpolished hodgepodge of random thoughts how be it far from the truth, this work speaks in plain language it’s beauty is simplicity L.Burner brillianty exposes the ugly truth of misogynistic physical and mental violence against women like removing a scab with sandpaper while proving how age old social cues and norms leave many males clueless. Although topics appear to randomly quick change lanes as sports cars on a highway there’s a marked exit.Often documentaries focus on one aspect of women right leaving many with tunnel vision this passionate film seeks to broaden our scope in order to provide Who,What, When,Where and How as a complete sentence the message is very clear to me Thanks in large part to L Burner

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