Senior Associate Nikoleta Morales

Nikoleta Morales is an award-winning writer, journalist, publicist and a photographer based in Chicago with passion for entertainment, hiking and travel. She was the Managing Editor of Extra Newspaper in Chicago for 2012-14. She has also written for several publications in the US and abroad, such as BG Voice, the Daily Herald, Extra, Lawndale News, Chicago Tribune, among others.

Nikoleta’s niche, however, is entertainment. She has interviewed people from all walks of life from the local communities to politicians to celebrities like Paul Chavez (Cesar Chavez son), Martin Luther King III, President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev, Sasha Pfeiffer (award-winning journalist Boston Globe), Eva Longoria, Gabriel Iglesias, Marlon Wayans, Marc Anthony, Ana Ortiz, Jaime Camil, Il Volo, Rob Schneider, Chris Kattan, Jennifer Lopez’ dancers, Mario Lopez, Anna Faris, Kellan Lutz, Mike Tyson, Messi, Carolina Herrera, Holly Holm, Jason Derulo, Paula Abdul, Blondie, and photographed Mayor Rahm Emanuel and president Barack Obama on Air Force One.

As the Senior Associate for FF2 Media, her top editorials include: Sonja O’Hara talks filmmaking, breaking stereotypes and not waiting for permission; Diverse female screenwriters invited to AMPAS; Diverse female directors invited to AMPAS; AMPAS invitees represent 77 countries

Photo: Nikoleta Morales

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