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Silenced in reality, sexual assault survivors tell their stories on screen

How our culture accepts these stories matters. The people making these stories matter. The more women that push through the door to tell their stories by writing, directing and producing films, the more their messages will be spread throughout the country and into the minds of people who live, grow and vote in America.

Read below as the FF2 Media team reflects on works of fiction (in both film and television) and nonfiction that have respectfully and dutifully depicted sexual assault survivors.


Eva Vives shares own real-life survivor story in fictional ‘All About Nina’

In the 15 years between her first feature and new film, All About Nina, Eva has added director to her resume on two short films. But for a debut feature, Vives comes out swinging.


Becca Gleason looks back to ‘Summer 03’ in new teen comedy

While summer is officially over, films are still enjoying the warmth of the sun, including writer-director Becca Gleason’s teen comedy Summer ’03. The film, starring Joey King, is set during the week 16-year-old Jamie loses her grandmother Dotty (June Squib)…but only after Dotty reveals some truths to her family on her deathbed.