Intern Farah Elattar – FF2 Media

As an intern at FF2 Media, since January of 2018, I watch films written and/or directed by women every week and write reviews about them.

I am a Philosophy major at Rutgers University with a minor in Women & Gender Studies, and a concentration on social justice, made possible through the Leadership Scholars Program at the Institute for Women’s Leadership.

As an Egyptian woman, I see film as a very important medium, through which the voices of the silent can be expressed. I believe that film can, and will, play an important role in changing global perspectives on problematic areas such as the Middle East which is often viewed as nothing but a conflict zone. As FF2’s first Egyptian intern, I have been given the opportunity to explore the world of Anglo-Arabic cinema, which, to my own surprise, extends far beyond the formulaic plots and archetypal characters that I am used to in mainstream films.

Beyond my devotion to and sympathy for socially-motivated cinema, I simply see film as an endlessly innovative art form, where, after more than a hundred years of history, one can still be captivated, emotionally involved, and taken by surprise during their viewing experience. I stick to this belief even more now that I am a part of FF2 Media, since films made by women often offer newer plots, characters, as well as a whole new set of emotions I did not know I could access.

In addition to my internship at FF2 Media, I am also a Training and Outreach Intern at the New York City Department of Investigation, which investigates corruption, waste, and abuse in city agencies. This opportunity has enabled me to develop useful skills such as candidate recruitment, content generation, among others.

I am very thankful for the culture FF2 Media has exposed me to thus far. I enjoy working with such talented, knowledgeable people. The feminist in me feels that I am contributing to the support of women artists and women in general with every single review I write.

Here’s my review of  The Insult, my favorite foreign feature

Want to know my favorite documentary? Read my review of Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

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