FF2 Media Co-Sponsors Nadine Labaki Film in NYC on 6/7/19

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NYC Shout-Out: In 2019, Nadine Labaki’s film “Capernaum” was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, thrilling those of us have cherished her work for years now.

Labaki’s breakout film “Caramel” was firmly set in contemporary Beirut. Her second film “Where Do We Go Now?” is Magical Realism. A mythical Lebanese village, surrounded by landmines, is dominated by a one church & one mosque. Exhausted by intramural feuding & senseless death, the women of the village seek ways to distract their men long enough to hide all the guns. Brilliant dramedy: Romance! Laughter! Tears!

The 2019 Films on the Green lineup focuses on female directors in French and Francophone cinema through a selection of 13 movies. This 12th edition pays tribute to “Women Behind the Camera” in honor of Agnès Varda, feminist filmmaker and pioneer of the French New Wave, who passed away earlier this year.

WITASWAN® Events is a proud co-sponsor of the “Films of the Green” screening of Where Do We Go Now? on June 7th in Washington Square Park.

Follow this link to read my 2012 interview with Nadine Labaki conducted by FF2 Media’s Editor-in-Chief Jan Lisa Huttner: http://www.films42.com/chats/LabakiChat.pdf

Click HERE for link to IMDb’s page for Nadine Labaki: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1772424/

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The acronym WITASWAN (“wit-uh-swan”) stands for “Women ithe Audience Supporting Women Artists Now!

FF2 Media® LLC realizes its mission through WITASWAN® Events–hosting/co-hosting film screenings (often accompanied by Q&A sessions) as well as lectures & workshops which showcase our cause.

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Jan Lisa Huttner is a Brooklyn-based arts critic & feminist activist. She is the creative force behind the SWAN Movement—Support Women Artists Now—which has just begun its third phase as International SWANs® (aka iSWANs). In the Jewish world, Jan is best known as the author of two books on Fiddler on the Roof—Tevye’s Daughters and Diamond Fiddler—both of which flow from a strongly feminist POV. She also served as both story consultant and “talking head” on the award-winning documentary Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles.
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