Watch at Home: ‘The Brink’ & more from female filmmakers

Watch at Home: ‘The Brink’ & more from female filmmakers

FF2 Media’s new “Watch at Home” columns list the new films written and/or directed by women filmmakers that are newly available each week on DVD, Video On Demand &/or streaming services.

Here are the new films written and/or directed by women filmmakers now available at home as of 6/7/2019 (with links to FF2 Media reviews posted the week of their theatrical release):


This week's selection is The BrinkThe Brink takes a vérité approach in following ousted Trump strategist Steve Bannon in his attempts to unite far-right parties in Europe.

When Steve Bannon left his post after the Charlottesville incident, he decided to take his message on a global tour.  Unbeknownst to him, his approach of nationalism turns into an anti-globalist message while touring Europe.  Furthermore, this is a man who clearly has no idea what it means to dog-whistle anti-Semitism.  I'm glad that director Alison Klayman is able to capture these moments on camera.  I'm sorry but Bannon isn't Jewish so he doesn't get the right to say what is and isn't anti-Semitism.  If you aren't going to listen when Jewish people tell you what's anti-Semitic, there's nothing more that anyone can say.

Because Klayman's documentary goes through Election Day, this film covers some major topics that hit in late October 2018.  There's the mail bomb threats against many of Trump's critics, including George Soros.  Klayman also chooses to also focus on the Tree of Life massacre and its aftermath.

Please click HERE for my full review.

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