Big Crowd at Washington Square Park Screening of ‘Where Do We Go Now?’

This summer, Films on the Green 2019 has put together a lineup of films all focused on female directors in French & Francophone film in honor of acclaimed Agnes Varda (who died at age 90 on 3/29/19).
On Friday June 6th, FF2 Media® LLC partnered with Films on the Green to co-sponsor the screening of Nadine Labaki’s film Where Do We Go Now? in their “Women Behind the Camera” edition.
The screening that took place in Washington Square Park was a huge hit and large crowds gathered by the fountain to watch Labaki’s poignant film about a group of Lebanese women and their fight to ease the tension between religious groups in their town. It was so wonderful to see immense groups of people, especially women, gathered at an event supporting female filmmakers sponsored by incredible organizations fighting to include women in the conversation around impactful films.
Several members of FF2 Media’s NYC team–interns and associates–were delighted to see the turn out. It was truly encouraging because most of us are aspiring female artists ourselves–directors, actors, filmmakers, writers–and we felt truly supported by the New York City community.
I for one felt enthusiastic and inspired by the large number of young women in the audience and being a NYU student, it was such a joy to be in the heart of my own campus for this event.
We cannot thank Films on the Green 2019 enough for the work that they do and for believing in our WITASWAN movement (Women in the Audience Supporting Women Artists Now).
And we thank all of YOU who came to Washington Square Park on 6/6/19 and joined us in supporting women artists now!
© Maiya Pascouche (6/1/0/19) FF2 Media

At the French Consulate on 5/31/19 for the 2019 “Films on the Green” Kick-Off Party. FF2 Media NYC Team Members from Left: Farah Elattar, Katusha Jin, Sophia Jin & Jan Lisa Huttner.
Featured Photo of FF2 Media NYC Team Members from Left:  Dayna Hagewood, Kathy Cutler, Hannah Mayo, Jan Lisa Huttner, Maiya Pascouche & Anika Guttormson.
Crowd photo at the bottom by Editor-in-Chief Jan Lisa Huttner (6/6/19) FF2 Media.

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