How to ‘Get to The Nutcracker’ This Year

Going to see The Nutcracker is a central part of winter holidays for so many people. One of the most magical Christmas gifts I received as a kid was family tickets to see it at the Boston Ballet. I was thrilled to find that the Boston Ballet has performances of The Nutcracker online this year; arts organizations are leaving us with no shortage of online content to continue those traditions safely.

Our recommendation? Try getting a closer look into the show with dancer Serene Meshel-Dillman. Her documentary Getting to The Nutcracker is a warm portrayal of young dancers’ training process as they create a children’s production of The Nutcracker.

Here’s a segment from our review of Getting to the Nutcracker in its first release in 2014:

“Inspired by Jill Krementz’ children’s book ‘A Very Young Dancer,’ Meshel-Dillman captures the charm and excitement of growing up onstage as part of such an elaborate process. After years of experience, fourteen-year-old Matisse is cast in the coveted role of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and we can hear the pride in her mother’s voice as she talks about her daughter’s achievements. When Mikhael’s father discourages his love of dance, Michael finds family in his ballet teacher. Parent volunteers, the ‘dancing dads,’ soon realize that this is the best opportunity to be with their children doing what they love.”

You can stream Getting to The Nutcracker on Amazon Prime Video. Find all the places where you can access it here!

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Featured Photo: Dancers wait backstage for their entrance in Getting to the Nutcracker (2014).

Photo Credits: Confiscated Film, Inc.

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